TORO is portable, flexible and versatile. 

The technology can power any app, in any sector, industry, language or geography.

We decided, however, to offer ready-to-deploy packages for selected verticals where we believe we have a knowledge domain and where mobile commerce is showing the highest short-term benefits for our clients, partners and customers.


TORO is portable, flexible and versatile.

It can integrate in any app and can integrate any merchant.

We did, however, developed specific know-how and solutions across 3 (or 4.. ?) verticals.

Commerce will be software-enabled and will find its way everywhere.

It will be user-centered, multi-channel, socially-driven and instant. 


Through super-apps, consumers will be able to shop anywhere, anytime, seamlessly. People will use a limited number of apps during their daily interactions with their mobile devices and will be able to buy everything they need and want, spontaneously, from the environment they are in. 

Watching a short movie on a streaming platform on a train, consumers will buy goods and services through TORO overlay technology, without disturbing their viewing experience. 

Navigating a city and getting access to products and services 'on the fly', relevant to the location, experience or the person's wishes. 


A limitless mobile commerce experience. 

In the near future,

everything will be social, instant commerce.

 Our innovative platform delivers a seamless process to conduct mobile commerce with unrivaled user experience.


We service sports, eSports, gaming and entertainment communities looking for further monetisation.


Sports gather the largest communities of followers, uniting billions of fans avid to identify themselves with clubs, leagues, and players - all ripe for further monetization.


We are commercial with Spanish La Liga Clubs, through a partnership with CaixaBank, sponsor of 31 clubs.


Starting from football, we can support any other sport, league, club, community, eSport technology or entertainment, offering unlimited monetisation opportunities. 

 We resolve clubs, leagues and sponsors’ challenges:

  • Moving from fan engagement to fan monetization

  • Selling products and services beyond jerseys and game tickets

  • Servicing a global community with a localized offering

  • Sponsors get more than brand awareness and actually sell their products

  • Generating revenues in low season, off season or during special times like the COVID crisis


With TORO overlay technology we offer next-generation product placement, contextual offering, ‘on the fly’ shopping without interruption of the live of on-demand stream. 


Streaming and gaming apps gather an audience crazy about content, live activity and entertainment, stars and brands they represent or promote.


This captive audience would buy literally anything instantly if the experience is not interrupted. No other technology than TORO can offer this.

We are offering our "overlay" solution for mCommerce so that users don't have to interrupt their viewing experience and can shop or interact with merchants and service providers directly.

Content providers, streaming apps and product companies are looking for new monetization channels without disrupting the viewing experience.


TORO, on top of the core functionalities of integrating shops into super-apps, offers contextual and localized commerce based on the content, the viewer’s particularities and the localisation. 

This is product placement 3.0 for movies, series, music videos, eSport, anything. 

The now super-streaming-app has an additional revenue channel on top of subscription or pay-per-view. Sponsors can place and sell products. 


Consumers still get access to a wealth of products and services, available anytime, with a seamless process and unified checkout and payment process. 

Smart cities

We power smart cities, upgrading information-driven portals into full-fledged marketplaces.


Citizens of the world's larger cities expect their local governments to lay out digital infrastructures to animate their local life around retailers, transport systems, energy, public services, etc.


The quality of its digital offering is a competitive advantage for any city and cities, regions, municipalities need to meet a growing demand for updated information. The COVID-19 crisis reinforced this need.

Today, many apps exist as silos, with a lack of integration: an app, or more, for public transportation, one for museums, one for each public office, etc. Dozens, if not more apps, would benefit from TORO and super-app capabilities to integrate under one virtual roof and offer shared products and services. 

We believe that in the future cities will play a greater role in the digital world. They will become de-facto mobile commerce portals and smart city super-apps will be point of entries for citizens, residents and visitors. 

Based on our 2016-2017 one-year pilot in the trendy district of Gracia in Barcelona with the AGORA GRACIA app built for 450 small retailers, we offer our platform to city governments to give small retailers access to the digital marketplace with an enriched environment and more local services.

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