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TORO history: from mobile wallet to

super-app marketplace technology in

10 milestones

2008 - 2020

Born 2008 in Taiwan to build mobile wallet technologies for telcos and banks. Moved to Barcelona and pivoted to create the first full-fledged platform to enable super-apps


2015: #1st worldwide

#1 worldwide: first commercial mobile wallet (Valyou, NW) to achieve an over-the-air provisioning of a VISA card on a SIM card in 2015. The industry recognizes TORO's expertise in smart card, EMV, NFC, and mobile payments in general.


Unique patented technology

Globally patented “wallet-widget” technology with US patent attorney Leason Ellis in USA, TW, China, EU. These patents remains the basis for our [super-app enabler] platform.


2018: CaixaBank master agreement

2 years of developments and adjustments leading to June 2018: CaixaBank agreement 

for deployment within Beyond Cashless service, integration of AddOn Payments. CaixaBank is the #1 retail bank in Spain and partner with hundreds of leading Brands, including 31 Clubs of LaLiga (incl. FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, Atlético Madrid, etc.)


February 2020: commercialisation

Feb. 2020: commercial launch for football with RCD Espanyol de Barcelona. This is the first of a series of implementations in the Sports industry at world-class level (LaLiga, etc.).


1.8M€ H2020 funding

H2020 “SME Champion” with 1.8M€ grant in 2016-2017 for the super-app project dubbed "Passclub", with a Smart City 1-year pilot called Āgora Gracia in the trendy district of Gracia in Barcelona.


5.5M€ total revenues 

€5.5M revenues combined until pivot to focus on mobile commerce.


3.5M€ equity raised

>3.5M€ equity investment including technology-focused Fast Forward VC Fund with 2.5M€ in Series A of 2019


Tech for equity deal

December 2019: 250k€ tech for equity deal with Spanish domestic IT SP leader Izertis


Last financing

May 2020: >500k€ additional financing thru CaixaBank’s startup oriented Dayone entity



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