mCommerce is about to become much more than selling branded products through mobile apps 

TORO is a game-changer across the mobile commerce value chain, offering tangible value and benefits to all participants, going well beyond the brands only.


Toro is enabling apps to become super-apps, allowing them, in complement to their own products and services, to aggregate a selection of merchants from an entire ecosystem.


Toro is an open-ended environment: a shop as mini-program can be in ALL super-apps. A super-app can become a mini-program in another super-app. 

TORO is integrable in 8 hours into any existing app, giving all participants immediate benefits and a reach of millions


You can become a super-app.

Your own mobile commerce ecosystem that not only offers your core products but also engages your audience beyond brand-centric monetisation.


TORO not only makes you a digital marketplace but also allows you to be part of the ecosystem and become a shop, a mini-program into other super-apps relevant to your brand, audience and values. 

you are a brand


Whether a sports team, a league, a venue, a city or a thematic app, TORO can help you propose relevant products and services to your audience or fan base.


From Day 1, you will access a portfolio of integrateable shops that you can select and offer seamlessly through your own super-app.

No more ads or pushed content with redirection outside your environment. 

you are a community


You already have a commercial app or platform that services a specific need. You have a large number of users who are using your app for a specific use, sporadically and within a limited timeframe. You may be an airline, a hotel brand, a transportation or food delivery service.  

With TORO you can now access a mobile commerce ecosystem that not only manages your products and your users but also helps you generate additional revenues beyond your core offering.

you are a product-oriented app


Sponsors and brands all talk about engagement and monetisation. They want more from their advertising money and you have to innovate to stay ahead in the game of digital advertising. 

TORO changes the landscape of the advertising world by enabling non-intrusive ad campaigns and allowing you to run digital promotions that go well beyond product and ad placement. 

TORO seamless, instant shopping is digital advertising 3.0. 

you are an advertiser


You already operate a digital shop or a marketplace. You know that to get more reach you need to setup on various platforms and that integration in cross-platform management is troublesome. 

TORO makes your shop part of the ecosystem, allowing all TORO-powered super-apps to integrate your offering in one click. 

you are a merchant


And you are worried about keeping a central role in the mobile world. PSD2 is opening an ocean of opportunities for non-bank players and fintechs to capture mobile commerce transactions. 

TORO can help you not only offer your products and services but also be an integral part of the transactional backbone of the future of commerce. 

you are a financial institution


We are offering TORO as "Platform as a Service" and maintaining an ecosystem of brands, products and services that can be all integrated as mini-programs. 

To create this TORO ecosystem of mini-programs, we want to work with local tech companies.

If you are a leading player in your local market and have access to brands and platforms that could join the TORO ecosystem, please contact us.

you are a tech company


With billions of apps downloaded every year, we all transact through our mobiles. 

Mobile has become the favorite device for everything, digital or physical commerce included. The key for us to consume is ease-of-use through seamless integration and one-step checkout process. 

TORO offers an unprecedented multi-shops commerce experience. 

... and we are all customers

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